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The use of herbs in Betty Miller's Gluten Free Treats

The use of herbs in Betty Miller's Gluten Free Treats

Author: Alison Daniel
24th October 2012

Alison Daniel (Pet Nutritionist from Din Dins) is my guest blogger.

She trained in nutrition (applied science) in Australia and continued to study pet nutrition, researching the subject for over five years.

Alison’s knowledge and ability to create solutions for pet health issues through nutrition is very unique. This innovative approach has resulted in her formulating a range of products based around naturopathic and holistic principles all based on natural and organic ingredients.


As a natural pet nutritionist I always marvel at the fabulous companies out there who like to produce products people want but with integrity and vision for the health of all pets.

Betty Miller is a great biscuit brand offering natural produce, lightly baked with no fillers or poor ingredients. Betty takes into consideration that many ingredients used nowadays can spark a digestive/immune response in your dog.

Common food triggers that may cause skin and coat problems, digestive issues and many other health issues include by-products, pork, corn and maize, fillers, eggs, soya, yeast, artificial colours and flavouring.

An inappropriate ‘food stuff’ can trigger a negative immune response in your dog and make them very unwell if fed long-term.

They are what they eat after all so our pets deserve the very best!!

Betty chooses gluten free produce and uses some of my favourite herbs and natural additives:

-Peppermint as many know contains soothing but volatile oils that are commonly used to calm digestive upsets and freshen breath, taking care of oral health.

-Parsley is a wonderful herb often overlooked for it’s brilliant culinary and medicinal properties. It contains many digestive enzymes, helps to freshen breath and believed to control tartar build. Parsley is a wonderful blood purifier and also a fabulous tonic for the bladder and kidneys.

-Charcoal is not so well known to help with digestive issues (although very effective) and used to help with detoxification techniques due to its chelating properties, ridding the body of toxins.

-Rosemary has strong anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, helping to strengthen the immune system. Although not to be used to detract fleas solely, rosemary is a wonderful flea and parasite deterrent.

-Oregano is a wonderful adjunct herb to use with rosemary. Also with immune boosting properties and mostly known for its antibacterial properties, I like to use these herbs to help fight infections.

-Garlic contrary to popular belief is safe for your dog if used in the correct amounts per kilo of weight. A prebiotic helps gut function and flora and also possesses anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

-Sage is often used for oral hygiene, gum health and evidence suggests that sage can be used to treat minor skin ulcers and to prevent gingivitis.

Alison Daniel -  Co Founder and Pet Nutritionist of Din Dins.

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