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Why feed Wheat Gluten Free Treats?

Why feed Wheat Gluten Free Treats?

Author: Betty Miller
10th March 2013

I am always amazed about owners who religiously feed hypoallergenic dog foods because of possible skin and health problems from certain ingredients - mainly wheat - and then proceed to feed a treat that contains wheat!

This is probably because the majority of dog treats on the market are made from wheat. The problem is that when you bake a product using wheat, which is, of course flour, when mixed with water it forms a dough which is easy to roll out into a sheet for cutting out treats. This is the same if you make treats at home or on an industrial machine. Dough of course contains wheat gluten which gives it its stretchable properties and texture and is recognised to cause problems in approximately 1% of dogs.

So how do can you make dog food without wheat? - well 99% of all dry dog food is made on an extruder which fast cooks ingredients using steam and friction. This means that you don't have to rely on wheat flour or dough or wheat gluten to make the food as the cooking/process method is different from oven baking.

Once the dog food has been extruded, it is then coated with fats and oils to make it palatable.

With treats, the preferred method of making them is still oven baking, unless of course you buy semi moist treats which are mostly made on an extruder and use chemicals and sugars to give them palatability.

So the trick in oven baking is how to mimic the stretch ability of a dough without using wheat.

At the Betty Miller Bakery we have mastered this using ingredients such as oats, rice and rye which when mixed in right quantities and with the right about of water (prior to baking) allows us to cut the treats. Once the baking process starts, water is removed from the product in the cooking process and hey presto you have wheat gluten-free, oven baked treats.

So if you are using a hypoallergenic dog food and want a wheat-gluten-free treat to match, have a look at my wheat-gluten-free range of treats. Priced at just £3.99 for 500gm they are excellent value for money.


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