If you know our treats, you will know that they are all baked in our very own bakery in Hampshire, UK. We often get asked by customers, why baked treats are best and it’s easy to answer.

Traditional ways of making treats, such as extrusion, allow for lots of treats to be cooked fast! That’s great if your main aim is to produce quantity, but not so great if your purpose is to produce quality treats.

We don’t just throw anything into our treats. We think long and hard about making nutritionally sound recipes and if an ingredient is in there it’s with good reason, whether that’s to enhance your dog’s coat, improve digestive problems or help their bone development. We need the goodness of every ingredient to be preserved throughout the cooking process. This is only possible if we bake them slowly at low temperatures.

So next time you are buying a treat consider the way it’s been cooked and whether your dog will truly benefit from the ingredients within it.